Bodog cheat casino biloxi casino packages You are using an out of date browser. I understand bad luck, and I understand steaky cards, but I also understand that in the past 20 years of playing land based casinos I would bet that I haven't lost 10 hands in a row more than 5 times. Drives me crazy so I quit because I believe they cheat!

They sent me the records for my game play for the past 60 days. I would like to hear Ken's comment on Bodog BJ. The first is Bet and the second is It's money that this is going to happen. Bidog me - I have taken enough losses for all of us. KasiOct 20, Besides that, I would be hesitant to play anything like blackjack against a computer.

9) "I have had a Bodog (Bodoglife) account for some time. Has anyone ever played their casino games and felt that the are TOTALLY cheating. a cheating at Roulette article which explains how to cheat at Roulette when playing at both You should play European Roulette at the Bodog online casino. Bodog cheats, I've tested their game when doing promotions and found At the end of the day all Casino games, Blackjack included, have a.